9/16/2013 - lots of walking, area & house pictures

hey family, 

another week come and gone just like that.  thanks for all your letters and stories and prayers.

i'm jumping right in now.  mutation [transfer]: no one in attiegou is moving.  so i'm staying with elder ndaye for a couple more weeks until the next mutation because he's leaving in about 4 weeks.  so we'll have another mutation then.  that's when, or as far as i know, all the whole bunch of new missionaries are coming in because we're losing so many in these two transfers here.  elder hales is getting an elder lamaire, a french guy.  and the other biggest news for the mutation is that elder potter and elder garza are working together.  it's probably just for these few weeks because so many africans are leaving but still a pretty big surprise, two americans together. that never happens.
biggest story from this week is that last night we had a "chauve-souris" in our apartment.  literal translation is "bald mouse".  actual translation "bat".  so elder ndaye gets a broom and starts swinging at him.  i just was busting up laughing watching him try to get this little bat. after a couple minutes he got it though. haha
i borrowed a pedometer from elder landeen and have been seeing how far i walk. it has only been a couple of days so i haven't seen for the whole week but so far we walk a lot more than i thought.  when our medical forms said be able to walk something like 7 to 10 miles a day every day i was like ha i doubt we'll walk like that,  but yep its true.  we probably average 6 to 7 miles a day.  on those really long days i wouldn't be surprised if we hit 12, 13, 14 ish.  crazy huh?  lots of walking.  the church is a mile and a half from our apartment and we're there 3, 4 sometimes 5 times a week.
mom do you have some food ideas?  i'm getting tired of spaghetti, and rice with tomato sauce.  i know how to make a couple other simple things but any suggestions?  i don't have a lot of stuff, but if necessary i can find a surprisingly large amount of things, but any simple food ideas that are super quick.  thanks.  maybe i'll think of some spices i can't find here and you can throw those in the package to help. we'll see.  it depends on what ideas you come up with.

pictures this week. i have a lot!  first is out in the boonies of my secteur,  pretty much the very top of Lome, just looking out into the forest.

then there's another that looks back into Lomé a little.  not too great of photos but whatevs. 


also there are some sky pictures i took from our roof.  the sky here is amazing - the clouds are awesome.  

also there are some pictures of our apartment right as you come in the door, our terrace and kitchen and another room with the stairs that go to the roof.  

also there are some cool ties i bought.  they are hand made from these little beads.  this member lady makes them. that's the benin and togo flags, they are super sweet.  she went over to ghana to learn how to do it. cool huh?

thanks! love you all have a great week keep up the good work in school!
Elder Rybin