May 6, 2013 - New church building and rain

Hello hello family. 
thanks for all your letters.  this week has been pretty good.  more and more rain, but cooling down so its nice.  yesterday church was great.  we had 7 amis at church!! booyah.  i was super happy.  also we got to watch a little bit of conference.  it was in french and the sound quality was terrible so i struggled to understand, but it was good.  im super excited to get the liahona with the talks. the new church building is awesome.  not as big as back home but huge for here.  and really nice.  it was raining a lot sunday morning and we had to leave in the rain so i left my camera at home so i have no pictures of the new building yet but i'll get them.  i am going to try and send pictures this week though of other things. we'll see.

before i forget i talked with the levitts and they said the best thing they have found to do is to have you call me next week.  i have no idea what you need to do to call but that's my number.  we get back to the apartment at 8 00 so call at 8 30 ish to give us a little time just in case.  if you don't call by 9 my time then i will call you somehow.  it'll work out. 

this last week was transfer again and elder mukenga left and was replaced by elder kiputa.  he is from congo and has 4 or 5 months left on the mission.  i was sad to see elder mukenga go but elder kiputa is a great missionary too.  dad happy birthday again sounds like all went well.  yes they have ice cream here. there are these guys that come around with little cart cooler things with little squeaky horn things and so you can call one over (meaning hiss, everyone hisses or makes smoochy noises to get your attention here. weird.) its not really expensive at all, like 20-25 cents for a little bag of it. 

the only nba news i get is bits that elder hales gets.  i heard kobe tore his achilles tendon.  everything here is soccer only.  not a whole lot else happened.  no baptisms this saturday, but we had a cleaning service project for the new church.  this week we should have a big lady Dado getting baptized.  she is great.  she has a couple of kids but loves the church and loves the commandments.  she has come to church for the last 4 weeks straight, even though it is far and long and hard to stay the whole time she still comes.  she is really great.  gaston and cheritas little girl is christina (ps i was joking about her too (mostly...) we are patient with her, and she is super funny).

Gaston and Cheritas

these are just a few pictures. that is just outside our apartment one morning this week when it rained.  the streets flood.... there gets some pretty big puddles and you just have to find new ways to get places sometimes.  adventures. 

love you all have a great week.   
I will talk to you on sunday :) Elder Rybin