May 20, 2013 - kpalime waterfalls

Hello again family!  

today was a pretty action packed pday so i'm jumping right in.  we went to kpalimé (pal-ee-may) today and saw some waterfalls with all the missionaries in togo.  kpalime is a village place outside of lome about 3 hours.  i took a whole bunch of pictures and will try to send you some.  it was really awesome to see outside the city.  i get a huge part of the african experience being here, living in lome, but there is so much more to see and experience. so it was really awesome to see outside a little bit. 



there were soo many trees.  it was beautiful.  we saw some villages with dirt mud houses and tons of crazy stuff.  we didn't really see any cool animals because there is still a lot of people around.  to get to the waterfalls it is a little hike into the jungle, but not too long. the waterfall is not huge but super pretty.  the "mountains" (hills) are super green and covered in trees.  out in the villages the people are so poor.  it is a much different experience seeing a dirt hut in a picture or knowing that that happens in some places of the world, and then standing next to a family that lives in a hut in the jungle and farms corn on the side of a mountain to survive.  crazy! 


they are the most amazing people in the world.  i wish i had time to talk to them all, even though most of them do not speak french, and number 1 share the gospel and help them find joy in that, but also just to talk and get to know these people.  really it is hard to explain the feeling of seeing some of the poorest people in all the world today.  amazing, amazing people.  i wish i could help them all. 





Elders Potter, Rybin, Hales and Ouonnebo (in front)

other than that this week was pretty average.  i haven't really been sick yet but elder hales and gomun and kiputa were all sick this week.  i hang my clothes on this rack thing that we have or on some string we have outside our apartment after i do my laundry.  if it rains and is super humid sometimes it takes a little time to dry but works pretty well.  everyone else has huge clothes lines in their cours were they hang stuff.  or just wherever they can.

yeah we have a few young men and women in our ward not a lot but its growing.  no mutual though.  sometimes they organize a seminary type class, or scripture study deal, sometimes with the missionaries sometimes with just leaders in the branch but that kinda counts.  church is in its infancy here, not much, we are just starting home teaching.  it hasn't made it to hedzranawoe yet but attiegou has started just in the past month or two months. 

nathan, not really any huge bugs in the apartment. sometimes pretty big cockroaches, and once a big beetle, moths and termite ants too.  nothing too bad.  diseases, not really.  eyes are weird and unhealthy a lot of times here though.  it bothered me a little at the start but i'm used to it now.  if someone has normal white eyes they are usually pretty healthy probably because they are rich, relatively.

as for things i need, not really anything. i'm not out of deodorant yet and have been keeping an eye open for it, but have not found it yet, so that is a maybe, but other than that no needs.  wants, anything i would really want couldn't make the trip so don't worry about it.  i can get "candy" here, not like america but it works and i'm used to it and like it now. and you can get some american stuff it's just expensive, but it would be cheaper than shipping it over.  so as of now don't worry about sending anything.  the one thing i would like maybe for birthday/christmas is a flashdrive with a whole bunch of church music on it.  like all the general conference, mormon tabernacle choir music and really anything and everything church wise.  i got this little cheap box that plays music off flash drives and memory cards, but i don't have any music. i think that is all for this week.
I love you all.  have a great week and start of summer. 
Elder Rybin