April 29, 2013 - Rainy season and "cooler" weather, Gaston and Cherita Baptized


another week has flown by already.  crazy!  it was a good week though.  it has started to cool down as we are entering the large rainy season, which is nice for most of the time.  i have actually got cold a couple of nights.  meaning i turned my fan down for high to medium haha and showers in the mornings are getting tougher.  sometimes the water is really cold when it rains at night.  

our schedule for the days is a little different that most missions i think.  we get up at 6 am, do all the waking up stuff, work out, eat, get ready.  we study until 10 30 counting formation time for the last hour.  then we go out until 12 30 and come back for lunch and language study then leave at 2 30 again.  at night we come back at 8 to eat get ready and go to bed at 10.  it works out good it keeps us out of the heat for the hottest part of the day, but it is not too much come and go because sometimes we are pretty far from the apartement.  we walk a lot i have no idea how much mile wise but a lot.  to get to the old church building from our apartment it is like 20 to 30 minutes walking.  the new building is closer but still not in hedzranawoe.  (ps google earth try to find hedzranawoe marche that is my sector and closeish to where we live. there is not really addresses here at all so couldn't give you anything there sorry).  

thanks for the update about brandon and mitch.  brandon still hasn't replied but that's alright. he will eventually.  is austins email austin.watts@myldsmail.org or something else?  

Charles and the missionaries

charles was a contact we got from somebody.  he is a student at a university wanting to become a history teacher.  he is really smart and loves to learn and really understands what we are talking about.  he is a great missionary too.  he has given us a bunch of contacts.  one of which lidia, his neighbor, is really awesome and i think she is going to love the gospel.  we have had two rendezvous with her and the second one we followed up about prayer that we taught and asked her about it. she said the night after you guys came i went almost directly to bed and had a dream that i was imprisoned somehow, blocked from the things she wanted kinda deal.  it's hard to describe it exactly the way she said it, but then she said someone came and freed me.  it was really cool. we didn't really talk about it much more but it was like she was implying that that was us.  i really think that she will progress, she has some connections already in the church which helps a lot.  but charles is great he says that he wants to learn the gospel like us so he can teach good in church.  he's great.  

also we had two other baptisms this week!!  hurrah.  gaston and cherita, a couple.  they have a little one and a half year old daughter who is so cute.  but so annoying in lessons.  she'll come up and say mama mama until she is forced to respond and then says something like look there's a lizard.  were like yep that's cool.  ten seconds later... mama mama there's some dirt, mama mama i want to eat. mama mama.....ahhhh!  go be cute somewhere else!  but they were excited to get baptized, and want to go to the temple and be together forever as a family.  

i am going to try and send pictures this week so hopefully you can see them all.  the their daughter didn't come to the baptism, so i don't have a picture of her though.  

dad happy birthday this sunday!  i hope you have a great day and that finals at school all work out for you and benjamin too.  for mother's day i'm not sure how things are going to happen.  other missionaries have skyped before, so it's not impossible, but a lot of things have to line up that we haven't heard anything about yet so we'll see but it sounds like around 8pm my time 2 pm there would be best? that or after 8 at the earliest.  i'm sure they will let us know.  

well sorry i'm trying to send pictures here but the computer is being difficult. so i'll try again next week.  I think that is all for this week.  I love you all. :)  
Elder Rybin