April 1, 2013 - Easter in Togo

Hey family.  
hows it all going.  honestly if no one had told me yesterday was easter i wouldn't have known. people celebrate here, but seeing as they don't have that much it's not really an easter dinner. we had a huge activity with all the members and missionaries in togo this morning where we went to a stadium and had a soccer tournament.  it was pretty intense, africans love their soccer.  i don't think i even ate dinner last night.... i don't think i was hungry, just drank a lot of water like usual. but we ate some stuff at a members house right before church that was really good and someone gave us some youki that night.  youki is like a soda fruit drink and its pretty good. family sounds good back there though, have fun at the family party tonight. tell everyone that i said hello.  

trinas hair is so short!  it's crazy, but looks great.  almost all the women here cut their hair really short because its so curly and then they braid wigs into their hair and do lots of other crazy stuff.  they have haircut places and hairdressers everywhere. its crazy.  

we have some sisters [missionaries] now. the first one came just a few weeks before us.  they are all african and all are in benin.  i'm not sure if there are anymore coming but they will all be african.  elder mccray got replaced by elder rantoniano, something like that. he is from madagascar.  all the elders from madagascar are short but have super long names.  some close to ten syllables, and they look like mexicans too.... he is awesome.  

we use translators, not alot because mostly everyone speaks french.  but i feel like this last week has had unusually a lot of people who only speak eve.  but teaching like that is super hard, but we do our best.  my eve is still tiny but the people love it when i try to speak.  they love it when they ask me if i understand french and i say "a little"  in eve.  they laugh so much. one lady, gloria, who we have taught once so far told me that if i ate a lot of pat then i could learn it all, because i told her that im still learning french and trying to learn eve.  she is from nigeria and speaks english, french, eve, and some other dialects from nigeria.  some people here know a disgustingly large amount of languages.  we taught her in french though, but she told me that if i needed to say something in english that i could.  haha.  

just one picture for this week.  that was on the drive back from the stadium this morning.  its so green here.  so many trees.  minus the dirt roads and nasty shack cours everything is treey and nice. it rained a bit last night.  we were talking to a less active member and we ran into her house thing to get a little out of the rain.  it didn't last long, but made the air a little cleaner so that was really nice.  some of the sewers were worse though, so kinda bitter sweet.  it stinks here, if i haven't said that before. all the sewers are open pretty much on the side of the road and people pee where ever, whenever and throw trash everyone....just stinky, hard to describe the smell sometimes but you get a little used to it.  rainy season is fast approaching though and im kinda excited, it will definitely be an experiece. haha.

i cut my hair too and lost 20 pounds... didn't think my hair was that thick.  Guillome's mom, patience, said that before long i would start looking like elder gomun, who is super skinny.  my diet increased hugely with water and decreased to pretty much nothing in sugar though.  im great though.  i think that that is all for now, and this week.  pretty crazy. already been a month is africa.  weird.   i love you all. good luck on break enjoy the food for me.  

love Elder Rybin