April 22, 2013 - Three dinners in one day! Charles baptized

hey family
how are yall.  i'm doing pretty great.  the weather this week has been faking us out by not raining very much even when it thunders or clouds over, but when it rains it rains, and i haven't even seen the worst yet.  elder hales said that someone told one of the other missionaries at church that they thought that the weather was being weird like this because the Chinese built a machine to mess with the weather..... haha africans..... so crazy i love it.  

i don't have tons of time today because we are late getting here because we were eating at three people's houses this afternoon.  im sooo full.   eating at amis or members houses is like fighting the boss at the end of a video game because they bring out a ridiculously lot of food, and you insult them if you don't eat it all, so you're like ok bring it on and eat and eat and eat.  (most of the time with hands too :) and then you finally finish and then they bring out the rest of the food, which is like doubling what was there, and they are like, you're american, you eat a lot and are fat, its good!  eat.  so you're in your video game, you get to the end and finally just barely beat the boss, but he comes back to life and you have to beat him again with no life!  great analogy i know haha but its true.  i love africans.  they are so weird and crazy and totally different.  

thanks for updating me about the garlicks.  tell brandon that i still want a letter.  i didn't get a chance to make the pancakes this week, because i couldn't find baking powder for awhile, but i made the syrup which was great, with some french toast.  

this week saturday we had another baptism!  his name is charles.  i think i said a little about him last week, but i don't have my camera so i'll have to send pics next week sorry.  he is so awesome.  i taught the sunday school lesson in church yesterday on the law of chastity.  it turned out to be better than i expected, and helped me.  oh!  and the new building that the church built here is officially open and we are moving there on the 5th of may to the church.  our church will start at 9 am instead of 1:30 too.  it will be awesome!!! I'm super excited.  our amis will be able to come soo much easier and it will help us out a lot.  thanks for all your letters (minus benjamin haha) and your stories.  good luck with the end of school.  

love love love.  Elder Rybin