February 12, 2013, Tuesday, at 6:38 AM

Hey Family! 
Rise and shine, its butt whooping time!!!  We are doing laundry right now and have to get up early because there are just so many people.  the cafeteria is soo packed, it is disgusting.  thanks for the pictures.  you said that heather was getting big but i didn't think that big.  she looks completely different!  haha  curtis as usual just lounging around playing with toys and Xbox.  that a boy.  thanks for the pictures and stories.
i have seen austin (elder watts) a few times this week.  i had to host someone else right before austin came in so they didn't see me because i wasn't on the curb, but i saw him that day and see him all the time at meals.  our french branch just got split, so now there are two and we are anticipating the big boom coming of french missionaries. that means that lauren (sister hafen) might not be in the branch, but i am almost positive that she will be in our hall of classrooms. i haven't heard if they are putting frenchies anywhere else, besides the tahitians.
Where in the world are these missionaries going?
just 2 more weeks for us!  we get our travel plans this week sometime and so i will let you know next week what the plan is. there are a few rumors from an elder that went home awhile ago that we have a 10 hour layover in paris, but it is all speculation so i'll know for sure this week.  all the other members in our district leave this week coming up most on monday.
life sounds pretty good back home, even though it is really busy and crazy with school.  i am not going to host tomorrow so if anyone was coming in i won't be on the curb.  i can't remember when everyone comes in now - it is all a mess.  my french is coming along, still not perfect but coming along nicely.  there are two elders in our building, one from Tahiti and the other from Guadalupe, that both are learning english here so they pretty much speak only french.  i was talking with them yesterday and could communicate with them decently for the few sentences we talked.  it was awesome.  they speak so fast and the Tahitian accent is different, but it is so fun to communicate in our broken french and their broken english.  after that elder potter came back and was like "french is a real language!  they could understand me!"
District missionaries and teachers
this week elder karras sends his love.  and elder hatch wants to know where his birthday gifts are.  they are right next to me here and wanted me to put a little bit about them, so that is what they told me.  I am ready to go to africa so bad.  we met an elder who works in the referral center, that went to benin for a month and a half and then came back for some reason.  he talks to us a lot about benin at lunch, and he said he would bring some pictures by some day.  one of the things he told us recently is that all the little kids have a chant that they sing when the white missionaries walk down the street, something like "yovo yovo bon soir bon noir bonjour something something something."  yovo is white boy in Fon (one of the african dialects in Benin).  he said you'll get really used to it. everything he tells me gets me so pumped to go.
not very many picture this week.  we are kind of going crazy in here though.  love ya all.  have a great week.  looking forward to travel plans!!!

love love love. Elder Rybin