February 19, 2013, Tuesday, at 1:46 PM

Hey family, 

life here is good.  there are soooo many people here.  we tried to get up early and do laundry so we could get it done, but there was a half hour wait to any washer so we were like nope! and so we are here now.  the lines in the cafeteria and for showers in the morning are so early!  it is so crazy.  there is going to be so many missionaries here.  i heard they are opening a new mtc in mexico city and also one somewhere else but the presidency did not say where.  the rumor is somewhere in provo.  the two newest mtcs, not mexico city, are supposed to hold like 7500 missionaries together.  crazy. 

thanks for the orange rolls. they were amazing. and thanks for the razor blades.  i think they will last until the end of my mission.  that is so crazy about all the new mission calls. tell them all congrats for me.  tell brayden good luck. i got his letter and tell him to write me as soon as he gets his call.  also nathan, tell carter that i heard about his call from elder hatch and i'm pretty depressed that he doesn't even have the decency to tell me himself that we are going to be african brothers... what the heck! [Carter Payne is called to Madagascar.]

travel plans this week!!! we report at the travel office at 4 am and then fly to washington dc at 7 something.  i forgot the paper because i didn't think we would be emailing right now so i don't have anything with me but i will tell you what i remember.  so we fly to dc and then have a 4 or 5 hour layover in dc.  that is when i will call.  we land at 1:55 i think dc time so i will call at around 1 here give or take a half hour or so.  i am going to buy a phone card today.  then we leave dc at 6 that night and fly to brussels and arrive there at 8 am their time. then have a 7 ish hour layover there and then fly down to benin arriving at 8:30 pm tuesday night.  it will be so long, two full days of travel, but we are all excited. 

the district is all gone.  it is weird.  we are combining with some other missionaries i think because our teachers get new districts this week.  i don't host this week either, so i will see lauren (sister hafen) sometime later.  they have a whole bunch of newbee meetings to go to the first day and so i'll probably see her on like thursday night or friday.  but i'm excited.  i love the stories about trina and curtis.

i will talk to you on monday :) love you all.  benjamin thanks for the letter.  emma and dad and mom and nathan thanks in advance for your letters tonight.  i have no pictures because i left everything in the room.  thanks so much i might send a quick note if there is something important i need after i go back and check my room in a bit, so i'm saving a bit of my time for that.  got to go. 

love Elder Rybin