11/07/2014 Letter from Elder Hill, MD -- Elder Rybin is staying!

Note:  Our family spent a week on our knees, hoping that Elder Rybin would be able to stay to finish his mission, but turning the decision over to Heavenly Father.  We received this note on Friday, November 7, 2014. 


Sister and Brother Rybin,  
Your son had some back pain and has been seen by a specialist who did tests showing that he has a left sided kidney stone.  This stone is blocking the ureter and the ureter is slightly dilated.  His urine function is normal as is his creatinine which tells me that there is no damage being done to his kidney.  He is pain free for the last week and since he is so close to the end of his mission I think he will be able to complete it.  The idea then would be to have an extraction of the stone or possibly an ultrasound breakup of the stone when he gets home.  The only down side of this would be if he started to have pain again and there was the possibility of kidney damage.  

If you chose to instead have him come home early I would both understand and support that decision.  I am a long way from your son and haven’t spoken to him directly but have only spoken to his Mission President and wife.  Please let me know how you feel and if you need more information.

Elder N. Grant Hill MD
AMA Africa West

We replied to Elder Hill to thank him for his help and told him we would be thrilled for Elder Rybin to stay and finish him mission.