11/10/2014 - Busy, happy to stay to the end - December 10th!

Hey family!  

yeah!  I'm staying!  I'm glad that the doctor called you or emailed you.  I'm not sure how everything is going to work out when I get home, I'm just trying to get there (on the 10th of December) first and then work out the rest.  Time is going by so quickly I can't believe it.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  I feel fine now.  It hasn't hurt since that one incidence the first time. I hope I can just slide into home plate like this and finish strong. 

Today our office meeting went really long because we had people come from a phone company to talk to us and we had a lot to work out.  Then since we finished moving this morning we didn't really have that much time to eat and so we had to run out and grab some food to eat and got back and the internet wasn't working, but miraculously it just came on just a couple minutes before we said we were going to leave if it didn't start working.  So, short, but hopeful sweet letter this week. 

We are in the process of moving apartments right now because like I said the church was in our old apartment.  now they are going to take that all for the church and we are moving out.  its been a little crazy this week living in two houses but today we got the last big things.  now its just getting settled into our new apartment.  

Did i tell you all that we got a new Elder in our apartment?  Elder Amoah is training Elder Archer.  He is from Layton Utah.  and he actually does archery.  pretty much awesome. I've thought a lot about Elder McCray lately.  Do you remember him?  he was the older American when Elder Hales and I got into Hedzranawoe in the beginning of my mission.  he was there for 3 or 6 weeks before he left.  he was awesome.  he taught me so much.  I hope I can be Elder McCray for Elder Archer.  As of a couple weeks ago our group is the oldest in the mission.  We are the next to leave.  Actually Elder Merrit and Elder Baker are leaving in a week and a half.  they came with us but Merrit has a military report date.  Kinda weird.  Anyways I feel like the old man around town though.  I say "I remember this one time" way too much.  but its good.  We have zone conferences coming up next week and the week after.  

ok I really need to go.  I love you all so much!!!
Elder Rybin