12/9/13 - Transfer & Zone Leader call, Togo Stake organized

my favorite family!

this week was going by really fast until thursday.  i remember the moment so clearly.  i was eating pate at sister laura's house right before going back to the apartment.  she had helped us for a couple of rendezvous and she invited us over for some good ol' pate and ademain sauce.  anyways i've got a nice big ball of pate in my hand and we get a call.  i pull the phone out of my pocket and see "E. Assistants".  my heart just dropped into my stomach.  transfer... i answered and yep i'm being transferred this week.  i'm going to a secteur called Anfame to work with elder Dagrou.  They called me on thursday because they invited me to the zone leader council friday morning.  i'm replacing the zone leader in anfame who is going home this week.  What!! yeah i know i instantly lost my appetite and couldn't finish my pate.  it's still all surreal for me, it hasn't really sunk in yet. i didn't think i'd miss attiegou as much as i do right now.  we have some really great investigators and are really getting the branch going.  Elder Kongolo and i were just starting to get into a rhythm, and teach well together.  and bam mutated [transferred].  but i'll go where i'm called.  it should be a great opportunity to learn serve and love the other missionaries which i'm excited for.
well that was the biggest news for this week, definitely.  i think i might leave tomorrow, not sure maybe wednesday.  also i made a goal to testify in ewe when i left attiegou, but because of the conference i couldn't do it.  i was pretty bummed.  i was getting close i can say a simple testimony now. 

but the conference was great.  stake in Togo!  elder vinson of the seventy came.  all the missionaries went to the saturday adult session and sunday too.  all of elder vinson's talks were really awesome.  i loved it.  he is from australia, so his accent was fun too.  we created some wards too. a lot actually like 5 or 6.  called bishops and the stake presidency.  it is a big step for togo and will help the mission out a lot because it takes some keys from president and gives them to the stake president. the lord is hastening his work!

i haven't opened my oreos yet maybe tonight.  peanut butter is heavenly.  snow at home!  wow sometimes i forget that it is december because it doesn't feel much different.  hot and humid all the time.  it's nice though i'm soaking it up. 

Christmas.  i'm not sure what the program is.  i heard the cyber in anfame is really good, and so skype is possible, but i'm not sure when... it could be that i could skype at like 11 am here, or you call late at night.  but really i'm not sure.  i don't know our number yet but i'll tell you next week.  and confirm some things.  but i would like to skype if it works out.

but other than that this week was great.  i got a chance to see a lot of missionaries this weekend that i haven't seen for a while.  the transfer slowed things down but it's alright.  it was only a little transfer because there are more people going home at the end of december so i think there is going to be the real transfer then in a couple of weeks.  but we'll see how it goes. 

i think that's all for this week.  i love you all.  i pray for you.  pray for me so that i can do and be all that the lord wants me to do and be.  love you all!
Elder Rybin