12/2/13 - First Stake in Togo, Eric baptism

so like usual, we are here at the cyber, late, and i have basically no time.  but i can briefly pass over the highlights of the week. 

first i got the package this week.  ate some wheat thins and candy, but haven't touched the oreos yet.  i am kinda scared, i just like looking at them though.  everything else was good too, i'm stocked up now and happy. 

thanksgiving this week.... i forgot until right before bed. :)  i don't think i really ate dinner.... but you all probably ate plenty for me anyways. last night we went and ate foufou at a members house, and that was good.  i pooped when i got home and next morning... that's some good foufou :) 

Caden taylor is home from his mission already?!? wow.  that's crazy about kristen. 

also today we went to the foire.  i spelled it wrong last time.  it was pretty cool we bought some little african stuff.  next year's Christmas presents some of them... :) i couldn't find a chess set, but i got a few leads, and well see.  benjamin, i didn't see a lion skin, but i saw a carved elephant that was like 3 feet square, pretty sweet.  1400 bucks though, and probably weights a butt ton.  there was some cool stuff though. 

fast and testimony meeting is AWESOME.  i love it when my converts get up and bear their testimonies!  it's the best.  marie gave a wonderful testimony yesterday and i was so happy.  she talked about how much the gospel has changed her life and how she has come to love the scriptures.  it was amazing. 

also we had a baptism saturday!  eric a friend of aime.  he is great.  aime too, but he wasn't there yesterday for church.... he had to go sort out some family stuff.  we're seeing him tonight though. 

sunday big news!!! togo is getting their first stake!!! oh yeah! i'm pumped, not a 12 coming but a 70.  should be awesome.  making progress.  vide vide hevi wo nato.  that means little by little the bird makes his nest in ewe.  it's a saying they have. 

thanks i've got no time left.  love you all.  good shopping, christmasnessing.  drink egg nog for me, no milk.  i love you!
Elder Rybin

Mom's note:
We received this picture from Sister Christensen.  She and her husband are Senior Missionaries in Togo.  One day I felt like Elder Rybin had been gone FOREVER!  The picture came just a few minutes after I had voiced that thought.  Thanks for that tender mercy!