11/25/13 - Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, new young couple

hey family!!

how are you all doing!  this week is thanksgiving!  we had a thanksgiving party with the zone today and ate a little bird like a mix between a turkey and a chicken.  it was pretty good.  not like home exactly but a good african thanksgiving.  other than that i don't think we have any big plans for thanksgiving.  i found some mountain dew in a store in the city and have saved a can that i'll probably drink on thursday.  but yeah. 

can you believe it's almost december?  wow christmas is just around the corner.  i haven't got my package yet but I'm not worried it'll get here soon. i'm not sure if we have any zone activities planned for christmas; not sure.  there is a transfer  menacing again soon because there are some missionaries going home in december.  so i don't know if i'll even be here in attiegou for christmas; never know though.

this week we taught a really awesome lesson with a young couple.  we talked with the wife first a couple days earlier.  she was interested but it was a little difficult because she doesn't speak much french; but we had someone there to translate, and it turned out to be a really great lesson.  she accepted to be baptized at the end too.  then we came back and she says that she gave the brochure to her husband and they read and both had the same dream that our church was true.  we came back and taught them both together this time, and they are really great.  both don't speak french that much, but while explaining the first vision Asou, the husband, cecile is the wife, his face was just speechless, he was just soaking it up.  at the end before we even have the chance to invite him he says he wants to come to church, and asks us if he can be baptized in our church somehow.  (yeah! i know!  awesome right!)  downside is that they aren't yet married... but when we explained that he needs to do the dowry before, he didn't even hesitate in saying that he has to do that because he needs to be baptized.  it was awesome!  those are the people who are truly prepared. those who don't ask questions or make excuses they just do everything you ask.  it's going to be tough because they are really poor, but we promised them miracles according to their faith and desire.  cecile was there at church yesterday;  asou had an emergency in his village, otherwise he would have been there too.

Thanksgiving Bird
i'm attaching a picture of our thanksgiving bowl of one of the birds.  turned out really good.  have fun at carols this week i think that is all that i have for this week.  thanks for all your letters and stories.  i love you all.  happy thanksgiving!


Elder Rybin

Note:  Sister Bennion lives in our home ward.  Her parents (Elder & Sister Peterson) are on a mission in Ghana.  They travel around West Africa working with Young Single Adults.  One day they happened to find out that Elder Rybin is from American Fork and lives in the same ward as their daughter.  Check out their mission blog.  http://petersensinghana.blogspot.com/  and look at the entry for Tuesday, September 17, 2013, Trip to Togo.  Elder Rybin's picture is at the bottom.