July 8, 2013 - First transfer!


surprise!  i'm getting transferred this week as well as elder digbe.  crazy!  the assistants called us saturday night and talked to elder digbe and then he passed it to me and said we're both leaving.  they are closing/giving our secteur [area] to the zone leaders so there will only be two equipes [companionships] in hedzranawoe. the other two are staying just like they are. 

i'm going to Attiegou (at-tee-ay-goo) the secteur just north of hedzranawoe so not far.  their branch goes to church at the same building but at 1 30.  i'm going work with elder ndye (n-die-ay) :)  he's from congo.  i don't know much about him but i think he goes home in october or september or something like that.  elder potter was in attiegou but he is  being transferred out too, and being replaced by an ivoirien.  so i am going to be the only american with a congolese, malgash, and ivoirien.  :) should be exciting.  the transfer is happening wednesday i think.  kinda exciting but i'm sad to leave everyone i know in hedzranawoe.  this branch is amazing.  we had some big plans for this month and have a baptism saturday, and at least one the next saturday planned, but the lord calls and we go. 

other news!  we finally got our conference issue liahonas!  yeah!  i've been reading lots from it.  the talks are so amazing.  i forgot my camera again....sorry so i'll have to send pictures next week but i'll have a few to send so it'll be good. 

emma, if your image you sent was a whole bunch of weird symbols then yes it worked great, but if not sorry just weird symbols. :)   trina is eight!!  oh my goodness.  i won't believe it! when is she getting baptized? you'll have to send me some pictures :)  benjamin is off having fun somewhere again. figures. nathan you've been camping so much this summer it sounds like.  it's like every week i hear about a new trip you've taken. sounds like you're keeping busy and having fun so that's good.  are you still planning on getting a job? how's that going? 

i guess not much cool happened this week, and i don't have my camera, but i love you all. i love hearing from all of you.  have a great week! 
love Elder Rybin