4/28/2014 - Crash course in Benin, busy days, riding in a car

i can't believe that school is already done. time seems to be flying by for you.  i remember when you all were complaining about the last summer was ending and then how cold winter was and now we are already talking about summer!  time is flying by.

i left togo this last week on friday morning because we had to pick up and drop missionaries off we were in the car alllllll day long.  and this morning there was a missionary activity so we had to pick up all the missionaries but we didn't go because we were too busy.... we are heading back to togo tomorrow and will be there for the rest of the week getting back late on friday because of some meetings and things to do.  so our week is already super packed.

last night we got back to the apartment late and we got up early this morning to go get all the missionaries and so last night i wrote in my journal that it is going to be a very busy couple of months but it's good to be on your toes a little.  

About the whole international drivers license deal, Elder Hawkins one of the Elders in office said that he was going to call you and explain what you needed to do so i don't know when he's going to do that but probably soon.  

the other elders in the apartment with us are elder dagrou and elder desvergez, a frenchy.  its been fun to catch up with elder dagrou again and elder desvergez is hilarious too.  elder dagrou goes home in just a couple of weeks towards the end of may.  our secteur is nice too.  

i'm in a crash course of benin right now though because we are not really sure how long elder ritchie is going to stay.  he goes home about the same time as elder gnenenon in july just after president morin comes.  he could leave our area in just about a week and a half or he could stay with us until he goes home but i think that he is probably going to drop down and train someone for the last 6 or so weeks of his mission. no one knows though.  

alrighty!  thanks for all the letters and the pictures and everything.  i'll pray for dad this week with all his projects and finals and all that and for emma and nathan too.  thanks!
je vous aime!! [I love you all]

Elder Rybin