4/21/2014 - Transferring to Benin, new assignment

 oh my favorite family!

            happy easter to you as well.  i forgot.... elder potter reminded me in the morning that it was easter.  we had a "super special easter feast" right after church which just meant that we ate a lot of rice with some super old gravy packages that elder potter had BUT with lots of chicken.  it was good.  that night.... nothing special..... the togolese, like most of their parties some people got drunk and played their drums really loud.  there was a lot of people at church though which was good.  but i heard that the catholics do this jesus walk where someone pretends to be jesus and carries a cross through town while people beat him to reinact.  yeah i'm not sure how that all worked out but holidays here in general are just not as big of a deal.

            huge surprise this week though! we got transfer calls this last saturday morning...... i'm going over to benin to replace our american assistant and work with elder kognani.  crazy huh?! i'm still in denial about it all.  i still keep thinking that it can't possibly be true as if i'd heard wrong over the phone or something i don't know.... i'm still in shock. i'll be working in a secteur [area] called cocotome.  i'll work in another three with the two assistants right now, elder kognani and elder ritchie, for a couple of weeks to make a smooth transition.  also elder ritchie said that they are going to send me some information today to get me an international driver's license so that i can start driving as soon as possible.  he said that you have to do something back home and then mail it i think, but i'll let you know more when they call or write me.  but yeah.... the mission is full of surprises.  don't ever get to comfortable.

Kegue Grand Stadium

            other news: we went to kegue to the grand stadium to do our annual member versus missionary tournament on easter monday.  the members had four teams and we had two but we didn't win.... i took some pictures that i'm going to try to send at the end of my letter.  it was fun to be with all the missionaries and the members.  over the last year i've come to know a lot of the members here in lome.  it is weird saying goodbye.  with the way the mission is looking and the change of president weed to president morin, i will most likely stay assistant until i finish.  like i said no one knows and there's always surprises but most likely i will finish my mission in benin.  but i'll visit togo frequently for zone conferences and transfers and all that kind of stuff. 

            not much other news.  a bird pooped on my face yesterday.... it was very liquidy and green.... it felt like a big raindrop.... but the worst part... it was warm.  blessings i guess. just the week before last a bird pooped on my shirt too.  what is this!

            i don't have a whole lot of time today because of the activity so that's all for this week!  have a fantastic week! i love you all

loves, elder Rybin