3/24/2014 - new companion, humility

well, bahbijio lo.  that means don't be angry in ewe. i said i was going to send some pictures today but the computer i'm at doesn't recognize that i have my usb in so that'll have to be next week again.  sorry.  i do have some nice pictures from kpalime.  sounds like life from home is good.  i can't believe fourth quarter is already here that's so weird.  spring too.  school sounds like its building up for the last little bit.  i just was kind of blasted in the past thinking about this time of year and all that i had going on at the end of school years and beginning of summer time.  crazy!

we had mutation [transfer] calls this week.  don't worry i'm not going anywhere but i am getting a new companion.  or i should say another companion.  elder Gnenenon is coming over from Benin to work with Rav and i in a tripanionship for a couple of weeks until Elder Rav goes home.  he leaves the 16th of april.  Elder Gnenenon is ivoirian.  this will be my fourth ivoirian companion!  he's a chef de zone [zone leader] already in benin.  also elder digbe if you remember him got called to replace elder Gnenenon in benin.  speaking of old comps did i say that elder Ouonnebo just finished his mission last sunday? he is normally in the group with elder rav but he had to go home early for school.  its weird!  other good news i'm going to become a grandpere! [Grandfather, meaning that the elder he trained  (his son) is going to train a new elder {grandson)] elder kongolo mon fils [my son] is going to train a new missionary.  it's not sure yet but he could train the first hawaiian that we are getting soon.
i think i already told you that our new President already got called right?  his name is President Morin.  he's from canada, quebeque [Quebec].  the changes in the mission are all getting ready for him to come.  President Weed is trying to set everything up so that it will be the smoothest transition possible.  there's lots of changes coming up as always, lots of rumors too, so we'll see what happens.

This week i have studied about humility so much.  it's been amazing.  i feel like God has been teaching me so much.  I've been trying to work on stripping myself of all pride.  and when you dig deep we all have a lot of pride.  pride is so much more than just being prideful but all rebellion can be traced back to pride and humility needs to be a constant and permanent part of who we are, the very basis of our characters.  i studied a lot the story of Job and found some great scriptures.  what an awesome book in the old testament.  humility is also a key to conversion.  it's the "fertile soil".

another random thought.  do you have the patriarchal blessings for grandma and grandpa? or farther than that?  can't you get them from salt lake? if you can i think i'd like to read them.  i read mine again today and that thought came to me. 

anyways sorry again for the pictures. next week for sure.  haha i love you all!  have a great week!
Elder Rybin