3/17/2014 - largest area, visited kpalime

hey family!
how's life back in good ol' utah? sounds like everything is going just like normal. 

as for this week.  today we went to kpalime.  as far as distances we were about 2 to 3 hours in a bus going and that coming back too.  kegue takes 20 to 30 minutes in a taxi from where we are.  distance is hard to tell by time here too because of traffic and trouble finding taxis, cars don't go as fast here, roads are not as nice etc etc.  also speaking of time and distances, i found out recently that what i thought was the biggest secteur [missionary area] i've been in here in anfame is actually definitely just that.  its absolutely massive.  to walk from edge to edge which i've never even attempted to do would take us, i'm guessing 3 hours at least.  and in the other direction maybe 2.  its soo huge, but it might get split.  i think they're looking for a new sister apartment but it's just in the beginnings of the workings and there are other options.  we'll see. 

anyways back to kpalime it was great!  we went to a different water fall.  we are back late so i don't have time to load pictures but i'll send some next week.  the hike was a lot longer and harder this time though.  our guide was awesome though he was walking up these "man from snowy river" slopes in his flip flops, shorts and t shirt and not even breathing hard.  and we are all behind him dying to keep up.  i'm not dead though so that's good.  tomorrow i'll be sore: not so good. it was fun though!

And that's all for this week folks. Thanks for all the prayers!  thanks for the letters and stories!  i love you all!

Elder Rybin