9/8/2014 - quick message, busy again!

Soooooo...... I'm really sorry because we have a family home evening in 15 minutes and we are without any traffic 15 minutes away, and malhereusement [unfortunately], traffic has already started.  BUT i'll at least write you a quick message.  so this week was great.  Elder Curtis is inspiring.  he taught us about obedience with love and motivation but also with a little bit of .... rigueur [strictness?]. it was really awesome.  i loved the stories he shared from his personal life about repentance. they taught me a lot.  i wish we could have stayed more time with him.

we played soccer this morning.  it rained a little and was pretty fun. soccer has grown on me. i'm surprised that i just wrote that.  but it is true.  i've changed a lot.  good things i hope.  

Well i love you all!  Got to go
Elder Rybin

ps i just read the first line of this letter.  what pitiful emails that start with "i'm really sorry because"..... so..... here's a lame ps sorry....