March 2, 2013 News from the Togo Senior Missionaries

Dear Rybin Family,
We are Elder and Sister Leavitt senior missionaries serving in Lome, Togo with your son Elder Rybin.  We visited with him yesterday at his apartment Hedzranawoe and he is doing well.  We attach a picture of him taken outside his apartment with his companions (left to right) Elder Ouonnebo, Elder Rybin, Elder Hales, Elder Gomun, Elder Mukenga abd Elder McCray.  We have served three missions in West Africa (Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan and now Benin Cotonou).  We love our work here and the assignment to watch over our now force of 50 missionaries here in Togo.  They are wonderful young men and we appreciate having your son with us.  We thank you for raising such a fine young man and we look forward to getting to know him better.
If you need anything from us, information about him, his assignment, his environment or anything do not hesitate to contact us.
Again thank you for your son Elder Rybin.
Elder and Sister Leavitt
Benin Cotonou Mission - Togo